Deepupsell: Artificial intelligence applied to Hotel Upselling

Thanks to predictive Machine-Learning, we can identify prospective clients to buy upgrades and cross sell before arriving to the Hotel


Fewer sales attempts, higher revenues and an extremely personalized service

#DEEP is capable of classifying your clients potentials of upselling based on the way that they booked, with impressive precision .

#DEEP es nuestra IA para vender más Upselling

What makes #DEEP unique and disruptive?

Streamline your processes and increase upselling sales during check-in, thanks to its next-gen predictive technology.

#DEEP trabaja para ti y tu equipo de Recepción

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Amazing Results!

Resultados reales de #DEEP

Convert your team to a Revenue Generator

A technology like #DEEP needs a well-prepared, professional team.
Let our partners help you!

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#DEEP is ready to conquer the World

Take advantage of its knowledge library from day one and, from there, let it continue to learn from you.
With an AUC of 87% from the start, #DEEP guarantees excellent robustness in its predictions.

A la conquista del mundo
A la conquista del mundo

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